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Call Answering Service

Why should I use your phone answering service – what’s in it for me?
• Missed call on your phone?
• Ever checked your answerphone or voicemail to find the caller had hung up?
• Have you ever had a client say you’re hard to get hold of?
• Have you ever got a message to call somebody and when you do you’ve been told they’ve got somebody else?
• Have you ever had a client meeting interrupted by a call?
• Tried to concentrate on a job but keep getting interrupted by the phone?
• Taken a call at an inconvenient moment and not been able to take details down?
• Lost a job because they think you’re a one man band? (they’ll think we are your office staff)


If you answered yes to any of the questions then we need to talk

The questions you need to ask are how much did it cost to generate the call that you just missed? How much would you have made from that missed call? You are good at what you do so how many referrals would you have got from that job?
Save just 1 decent job and you’ve paid for the answering service for an entire year!

Priced from $30 plus GST per week, this package ensures all your calls are professionally answered for the best impression from the get go. You no longer lose potential clients through missed calls and you can deal with the messages when you are able to give them your full attention.
You can choose us for long term or short term cover, and set the parameters which we work under for you; e.g. after a set number of rings, if your phone is busy, or manually as you decide (when staff are busy, or away, or when you know you’ll be on a job).

Call answering service includes:
  • A dedicated number for your business to divert to
  • A dedicated line on our PABX so we answer with your business name
  • Detailed messages taken and emailed directly to you
  • Monthly report on number of calls and nature of calls

Never miss another call fora working opportunity. See more packages or get in touch today.